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Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I was feeling alright. As I said in earlier posts I Iost my health insurance. Or rather my douchebag ex vindicately cancelled it. Anyways… I’ve had a bad week. The worst I can … Continue reading

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Something in the Way

Yeah I don’t know if I’m cycling. But I’m depressed as hell. Its getting harder to get out bed. I still do it but I’m consistently late to work. Had a few, momentary dark thoughts. Ugh. Lamictal is supposed to … Continue reading

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I started having really bad days. Days where I’d tell off my partner because I was REALLY pissed. Days where something would set me off and I could not contain or control my anger. It’s difficult to describe. Imagine the … Continue reading

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I swear I’m not psychotic. I don’t do drugs. I just hallucinate sometimes. Twice in my life I had 2 or 3 month episodes of hearing and seeing things that weren’t there. What I was I hearing? My name being called … Continue reading

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Disorders get treated. I’d guess most people have mixed feelings about taking medication. Who would want to need this stuff? Effexor XR  Started taking this guy in March of of 2009 for anxiety. Had an awful job with awful people. … Continue reading

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When I was 16 I was hospitalized 3 times. First diagnosed Major Depression with Psychotic Features. I couldn’t get out of bed plus I was hearing things. 3 weeks on the ward. Second time no new diagnosis, but tried running … Continue reading

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