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Paintings That Live —or— How Abandoning the Art World Saved My Life.

I think I’m done with the art world. But I swear this has a happy ending. I’ve been grappling with this for about 2 years now. The thought of letting go of the career path I’d invested so much in … Continue reading

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Dear Asshole

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Something in the Way

Yeah I don’t know if I’m cycling. But I’m depressed as hell. Its getting harder to get out bed. I still do it but I’m consistently late to work. Had a few, momentary dark thoughts. Ugh. Lamictal is supposed to … Continue reading

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You Take Everything

You’re my co-pilot. Not my god-pilot. You take everything. You take what I want.

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Rano Pano

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Hate My Way

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It’s been tough to paint for a while. After the market crashed I realized that the business end of being an artist was in my head more than I wanted. I lived off of it for over 4 years which … Continue reading

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