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About bipolarpainter

I'm a 32 year old artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Diagnosed Bipolar II about 8 months ago. Want to share my experience and hope it helps others connect.


Oh hi, whats up bro. I’m well. How are you? Actually— I’ve had my usual  ups and downs. But I can tell you I had an amazing 2012. New job, health benefits, personal trainer, and new love interest that’s looking … Continue reading

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Paintings That Live —or— How Abandoning the Art World Saved My Life.

I think I’m done with the art world. But I swear this has a happy ending. I’ve been grappling with this for about 2 years now. The thought of letting go of the career path I’d invested so much in … Continue reading

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New Painting

First new painting of 2012. I have energy for painting again!!! This one just took about a total of 3 days. Nothing too bad. It’s the first of a series of images dealing with my hallucinations. They’re going to have … Continue reading

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Looking Forward

So down today. And last night. I still look forward to some things 🙂 painting, Pete the cat (my cat lol), a weekend trip to Vermont to relax. I want to go to Buffalo to see my family but this … Continue reading

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Gather Me Up Because I’m Lost

September 29. 1984 Dear So and So, Gather me up because I’m lost. Or I’m back where I started from. Crawling on the floor, rolling on the ground. I might cry. I won’t go home. So here’s the story. I’m … Continue reading

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Boss Level

I’ve decided how I feel right now is like a boss level. Its my job to figure out the combination of attacks that will take it down.  

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Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I was feeling alright. As I said in earlier posts I Iost my health insurance. Or rather my douchebag ex vindicately cancelled it. Anyways… I’ve had a bad week. The worst I can … Continue reading

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