Looking Forward

So down today. And last night. I still look forward to some things 🙂 painting, Pete the cat (my cat lol), a weekend trip to Vermont to relax. I want to go to Buffalo to see my family but this I need the country right now. I need a break. I’ve thought a few times that I’d like to be hospitalized… for a rest. But I think it’s just a vacation that I’d like.

Driving there from NYC will be a lot of fun. There’s a wood fire hot tub with a view of mountains. I’ll be trying in a little cabin in the woods. I need this. I guess it could be worse. I could be looking forward to nothing at all. In still working, tho not concentrating very well and taking breaks every hour or so. It’s a good thing my boss is so understanding. She doesn’t know I’m bipolar but she does know I’m on Lamictal after a conversation where she let me know someone close to her is on it for seizures. She’s smart. She even once told me that her nutritionist treats psychological issues, so I know she’s not gonna be surprised if she finds out about me if she hasnt guessed already. She did let me go home early when I was manic last Friday. I’m thankful that my job is a good fit while I recover.


About bipolarpainter

I'm a 32 year old artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Diagnosed Bipolar II about 8 months ago. Want to share my experience and hope it helps others connect.
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